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TruWiks Candle Making Wick Holder (CANDLE MAKERS QUANTITIES)

TruWiks Candle Making Wick Holder (CANDLE MAKERS QUANTITIES)

Use for single + double cotton wicks

Use these candle wick holders for use when making a single wicked candle or a double wicked candle. Having multiple holes, also means you can use for 3 wick candle holders, if all in a row.

Use for wood wicks + Ribbon Wicks

The slimline design means you can use these to hold wooden wicks and ribbon wicks. Simply slide through the middle where the holes are and place on your jar as normal to keep centred and in place.

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They say that invention is the mother of necessity and TruWiks wick holder is just that. 
Born from the struggle of the outdated paddle pop sticks to hold your wicks in place, TruWiks is Australia’s newest candle-making essential.
Solving all the candle maker’s problems one wick at a time, TruWiks are eco-friendly, self-centring and designed to save you time and help you deliver a perfect pour time after time.
Australian designed and Australian made, TruWik’s innovative invention is produced using 100% recycled plastic and is completely reusable.  Win-win right!?
Ideal for candle makers who are hobbyists right through to large-scale production, TruWiks is a time-saving, environmentally friendly, game-changing invention.
No warping, smooth tops and perfectly centred wicks - tick, tick and tick.
Perfect for single and double wicks, ribbon and wooden wicks … is there anything these babies can’t do?
Want to see these little gems in action … check out our video
Candle making simplified, sustainable and stress-free - YES PLEASE!!  

- Being plastic there is no radiating heat so smooth tops achieved.

- These babies are self centring. 

- Ball joint clip so keeps your wicks tight during the setting process and won't warp in the middle

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